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You will be able to study at any time in any place.

Sometimes it is not possible to arrange your day in such a way that you always manage to be present in class. Here we give you a chance to have a look at the most important documents of your modules at any time. No matter if you are on the train, on the plane or at a party.

  • Free documents for your modules

    Download summaries, exams, quotes, exercises and more!

  • Always the best quality

    To be sure that you choose the right documents, they are rated by your classmates using a rating option.

  • Always be up to date

    You will always get information about uploaded documents in your subscribed course.

  • Exchange information with your fellow students

    Do you have specific questions that you can't solve on your own? Post your questions in our portal.

  • Books for sale?

    Put your old books online and sell or exchange them.

  • -Collect points by uploading useful documents

    Earn points based on reviews of your documents and get great rewards.


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You’ve got the talent, we’ve got the perfect job

With us you’ll find everything you need for the perfect start to your career. From the application to the first interview.

90% of our students achieve better grades

Our mission is to empower everyone to excel at their studies by providing the best tools to study more efficiently.

  • Everything you need to improve your grades

    Students share their study materials organised by course or by book.

  • Study anytime, anywhere, on any device

    Because your planning is not always perfect, you need to be able to study whenever, wherever.

  • Practice makes perfect

    For almost every document we create a practice set, consisting of a definition list, a flashcard set and practice questions.