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3D Digital Twin Services That Transform Your Business

Using the latest laser, imaging and reality capture technologies GeoMaus allows our clients to access one or all of their locations encompassing all their properties data, from CAD Plans, BIM Models, Fixed Asset Registers and more.

  • Servicing the US, UK Europe & Ireland
  • Specialising in Facilities Management, Construction and more
  • All delivered in our secure GeoMaus Portal
  • All your locations important data, all in one place

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Worldwide Coverage

GeoMaus leverages the latest technologies and network of geospatial professionals allowing it to service the US, UK, Ireland & Europe.

All in one solution

Covering a vast number of niche markets including, construction, facilities management, retail & commercial spaces.

Geospatial Data

Producing cutting edge 3D digital twins in photo realistic detail, floor plans, site plans, As-Built documentation, CAD, BIM fixed asset registers, all of your buildings data all in one place.

How it works

Using GeoMaus’ scanning network across Ireland, UK, US and Europe simply complete these three easy to manage steps

  1. Contact us for a free quote on one or more locations
  2. Schedule your scan at a time that suits you, one of our surveyors will scan all your spaces anywhere all within a week
  3. Get access to all of your buildings through our secure client portal, all in one place! GeoMaus’ portal allows you to share access with all of your project’s stakeholders, employees and 3rd party service providers

Customised Service Deliverables

Get customised deliverables based on your industry to create the strongest ROI from geomaus

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GeoMaus Services

GeoMaus provides a one stop shop for all of your buildings needs, from visuals, as built documentation, facilities management, retail, construction commercial GeoMaus fits perfectly around your needs and your industry

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