Your Eternal Seed (YES) is a private association of consenting individuals 18 years of age and above who willingly and knowingly have come together for charitable purposes.

Participants have chosen to exercise their right to freely give to others who have joined with the same purpose and understanding. Access to the YES website and participation in the activity are by DIRECT, PERSONAL INVITATION ONLY. If you have been invited to view the website, you are a special person indeed and have been given a tremendous gift, perhaps far greater than you can imagine.

Please know that YES is not an investment club, not a business, not MLM, not a company or corporation, not a commercial enterprise of any kind whatsoever, nor do its activities include the solicitation of anything.  There are no investments here, no paychecks, no products or services to sell, no seminars to attend, no tapes or manuals to buy, and no one MAKES or EARNS any money.

There are no profit making benefits of any kind associated with this activity.  No benefit or return of any nature is expressed or implied and no promises or guarantees of any such return are permitted to be made by any participant of this activity.

By participating in YES and willingly giving a gift to one or more of its participants, the donor of such a gift has chosen to extinguish all rights to the gift and cannot rightfully expect or depend on YES or any of its participants for any type of monetary compensation.

Anyone seeking to profit from their endeavors are encouraged to investigate the many profit-making opportunities available today - no such program is offered here. Participants give freely of themselves and expect nothing in return.

Guidelines have been established to maintain the integrity and high standards of this activity and to enforce respect for participants and the law as it pertains to gifting. Participants are prohibited from representing the activity of YES as anything other than as stated above.  Maintaining the integrity of this activity and the privacy of its participants are foremost to ensure that this activity remains viable for the long-term.  It is our sincere wish and hope that all who join us will be visited by abundance very soon.

1. YES has a Zero Tolerance for Spam. Any Member violating this will automatically be terminated from our Membership. 

2. YES does not tolerate members sending out our web site address (http://youreternalseed.com) in any form of public marketing campaign such as post cards or letters, phone or fax blasts and ALL other sources of advertising including message boards and search engines. YES is a private activity and members must invite privately. Violation of this policy will result in automatic termination from our community.

3. YES prohibits all members to send out the Conference Call phone number and access code in any public form of advertising (see above). Violation of this will result in automatic termination.

4. No public meetings. Violation of this will result in automatic termination.

5. No members can give their own Conference Call or Training Calls. Violation of this will result in automatic termination. YES cannot and will not monitor outside Conference Calls. We would not be able to control wrongful presentations of the true meaning of gifting and YES.

6. Any ad used must be a blind ad and use appropriate wording in the true intent of gifting.

7. Members cannot give tax or legal advice in accordance to YES activity and advertise tax or legal advice.

8. Members cannot give income projections or falsely misrepresent the YES activity.

9. Members SHALL NOT record and share the Conference Call in any form or fashion including but not limited to recorded phone calls, web based play back files, conference recording, message lines, CDs, tapes or any other medium, without the permission of Admin. Violation of this will result in immediate termination.


YES has a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM POLICY, which means that spam activity of ANY kind by any member will result in Immediate Termination including All rights therein. Spam consists of advertising of services and goods by email to anyone without specific prior request or in the absence of a previously established relationship. Messages sent to unknown parties for the purpose of creating a request shall also be deemed as spam, even if specific services or goods are not mentioned. Also considered spam are any messages posted to message boards or use net groups that are not related to their discussions. In the event of a dispute, the burden of proof is on the member, not the recipient. SPAM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN ANY CONTEXT, SHAPE OR FORM! SPAM, AND YOU ARE GONE!


In communicating with others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the appropriate terminology be used in order to maintain the ethics of this private activity.

PARTICIPANTS MUST NOT EVER use the following terminology when referring to the activity:

Paid Earnings 
Paid out 
Took In
Paid off
Play the board
Play the house
Assured Buy
Sure bet
Multiply your money
Getting Paid

PARTICIPANTS SHOULD ALWAYS use the following terminology in relation to this private activity:

I have gifted
I have received
Golden Rule
Invited by
Constitutional Rights
I gave
Free association
Helping others
Right to give
Nice people
Register your gift
Fellow man