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How we make swapping easy

Swap match technology. It's Tinder for swapping goods

Next day courier delivery with Sendle

Buy, swap and sell or exchange a mix of goods and cash

Remote vehicle assessment for peace of mind for car swappers

How to swap

Add an Item

It's as easy as taking a photo, adding a description and telling us what you want to swap or sell it for. If you don't know what you're after choose "I'll swap it for anything" and watch the offers roll in


With over 30 categories there is lots to choose from. Buy, swap or sell anything from cars, boats, motorbikes to phones, clothes, games or furniture. Search by approximate value or look for the exact item that you want

Make an offer

It's as easy as clicking the "Make an offer" button. And don't be shy. Make an offer. You never know what the other person will say. And if they say no, big deal! Move on to the next offer. The more offers you make, the higher the chance you have of finding the perfect swap