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Build your FYP with Fypo

Whether you are a student of Electrical Engineering, or a student of Comunication and Design, you can use Fypo to tell the world about your project.

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Share your progress

FYPs take around an year to complete; and there are always people around you who are interested in the work you are doing. By using Fypo, you can share your FYP with the world, and get potential customers and sponsors.

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Build your Resume

Your FYP is the most deciding factor in your first job. Sharing your Fypo page with your employeer will help them better know what you did in the course of 1 year on your project. It can make a very good impression.

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Better market your project

Sharing your projects progress will help interested people know more about your project. And who knows, you might find someone who is willing to be a part of your FYP and build something amazing.

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Track Project Evolution

Track how your project is evolving over time. With easy post that you write about the project, you can view the date and the time the post was placed. So now, you and your followers know exactly what happened when.

Get People Interested

You can share your FYP document on different social media to get people interested in your project. You can even get potential customers and sponsers know about how your project is going.

Add Team Members

Add team members to your project so that they can all contribute in writing this blog. Interesting right?

Add text, images, videos, gifs.

Adding content to your project's wall? You can add text, images, videos, gifs, and much more. Your build you project's wall like you want it to be.

Easy Share

Want to share your project? Get a simple url that you can share with your followers or your employeers. We hope you are excited.

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“FYP by Anomoz is helping us build the perfect documentation for your project and share it with the people.”

Matthew Lawrence
Hamza Azeem
Smart Delivery Rover, Habib University.

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